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The Weird, Macabre and Freaky Side of Storytelling

Twisted Tales Vol 2

‘Owdyado Theatre

Old Bakery Studios

‘Owyado’s Twisted Tales Vol. 2 has toured previously, but these shows are well worth a second visit.

Vol 2 is made up of three tales with each piece darkly twisted and sometimes harrowing, but peppered with comedy. Connie Crosby joined Charlotte Bister for ‘Owdyado’s summer tour while Dan Richards hit the road with Miracle; the stage chemistry between Charlotte and Connie worked so well that Connie was invited back for the three hander stories in TT2.

‘Owdyado continue to build on their reputation of producing original and fearless theatre; what started as a niche market has resulted in sold out shows across the country. Audiences are increasingly drawn to the weird, macabre and freaky side of storytelling; we can step outside our comfort zones to enjoy an evening of the unreal safe in the knowledge that these colourful fantasies will never happen to us.

The three Tales of TT2 are wildly different from each other, both in style and setting, the first, written by Dan and Charlotte is set in outer space – or is it? ‘Little Green Banknotes’ leaves the audience questioning who is human and who robot and was that a spaceship or simply a simulation?

In the second story, ‘Happiness’ written by Jon Welch, we look at the context of being happy when a man at breaking point battles with his personal demons and a rebellious Alexa. We’ve all been there, but this Alexa goes a step too far.

The final part of the trilogy is Brett Harvey’s ‘The Lost Code of Eryx’ in which an over enthusiastic sci fi fan invades the home of her favourite author. The young woman’s bizarre obsession with the author’s work leads to consequences beyond our imagination.

The current tour ends on November 6th with the remaining venues already sold out, but there are strong rumours of new Twisted Tales coming our way at Christmas. Keep an eye out for future announcements as tickets will go quickly.

For more details about the company and their shows visit the website www.owdyado.co.uk

Sheila Vanloo October 2021

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