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The Softer Side Of Cornwall Based Grunge Rock Duo

Perfect Blue Sky

Howl To The Moon

Photo Brian Robinson

Although Howl To The Moon was released back in March, Jane and PNA had no time to promote the song as they immediately headed off down under to spend time with family; there was also the small matter of continued lock downs here and no gigs.With the couple currently making their way back to Cornwall via a number of gigs and festivals in Australia, a timely reminder of how good this duo are seems appropriate.

PBS have made their mark on the scene with their mix of early grunge and psychedelia, but their excellent song writing skills allow them to easily change gear when the mood strikes. Howl To The Moon is an uplifting love song written just before the world found itself in the grip of the pandemic; the poignant lyrics celebrate love and living life to the max while there is still time.

On the face of it Howl To The Moon is a simple song and that’s probably how it began life, but the layered finished product is more complex than first or even second hearing. Jane’s smoky rock chick vocal style is still evident, but Howl shows a softer, more vulnerable side to her singing. As with previous releases the duo’s strong connection to each other comes across with PNA’s unobtrusive backing vocals perfectly complementing Jane’s lead. With exquisite harmonies and a beautiful melody Howl To The Moon is an accomplished example of Perfect Blue Sky’s versatility.

Tickets are available now for Perfect Blue Sky’s June gig at The Acorn Penzance when they will appear as a full band with their new British line up. Find out more and book tickets –


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Sheila Vanloo

May 2021

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