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Several Twists in the Tales

Twisted Tales in Lockdown

‘Owdyado Theatre

Fans of the dark and strange genre of theatre have missed ‘Owdyado’s stage shows during lock down. Sadly, like so many other companies, they were at the beginning of their Twisted Tales 2 Tour when the world stopped and the tour was put on hold until Spring 2021.

Fortunately, Charlotte Bister and Dan Richards’ style of theatre is perfect for translation to short, chilling radio plays – think Tales of the Unexpected meets League of Gentlemen.

At the beginning of lock down, with support from FEAST and Arts Council England, Dan and Charlotte launched an open script writing competition and found themselves inundated with new stories. Hours of reading and judging followed until they whittled down the winners and began recording the new Twisted Tales which are gradually appearing on their website.

Everyone enjoys a good story, but with advanced technology and hectic lives tuning in to a radio play or a late night story went out of fashion; how things change during enforced confinement when we crave the intimacy of a radio voice. The online stories have proved a great success and have given an exciting platform to new writing.

Alongside the new stories Charlotte and Dan have recorded a variety of classic tales from the likes of Edgar Allan Poe, M.R.James and Charles Dickens.

Visit www.owdyado.co.uk to find out more about the company and enjoy all the stories online.

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Sheila Vanloo

July 2020

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