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Self Titled Debut Album From Plymouth's Cool Goths

Souls of Misfortune

Debut Album - Souls of Misfortune

Plymouth is a vibrant arena of Indie/Metal/Rock and Pop, but who knew the city is also home to a startlingly cool Goth band in the shape of The Souls of Misfortune?

Formed in 2015, the four piece ‘dark alternatives’ have been carving a niche for themselves on Goth festival line ups, appearing in 2019 at the world famous Whitby Goth Festival where they hired an open top bus and sold tickets to the ‘Blakey Lugosi Bus Tour’. On the back of their Whitby appearance, no doubt helped by the very popular bus tour, Souls were offered a record deal to produce a full Goth album. Unfortunately it all fell apart when Covid hit not long after the offer was made; undeterred the band went ahead without financial backing and released their debut self titled album on Bandcamp at the end of 2020. Sadly this excellent album has been a slow burn due to the lack of live gigs and very little promotion, but an album this good deserves to be heard far and wide.

Guitarist Ian Cooke (ex The Cleaners and Stretch Report) is the main songwriter, once the demos are ready the rest of the band work their own sounds around Ian’s creative genius to mould the finished product. Three tracks on the album have a slightly different twist with vocalist Andy Walton writing the lyrics and melody on Divinity plus coming up with the concept and lyrics for Salome Dance while a jam session involving Ian, Andy and bassist Jon Owens produced La Luna. The all important keyboard player and fourth member of Souls is Tamsin King.

The self titled Souls of Misfortune album is a walk down memory lane for Goth Rock fans, taking a trip back to the days when the demise of hard core Punk was morphing into a less frantic, much darker and more melodic style. Individual tracks on the album invite strong comparisons to glorious Goth gods like Bauhaus, the Bollock Brothers, Jesus and Mary Chain and Sisters of Mercy. Cold Open is an ethereal instrumental two minute opening track leading us into a glorious 45 minutes of cleverly written introspective lyrics, soaring keys, echoing guitar and strong bass lines. With Andy Walton’s mesmerising vocals and an early Bunnymen style drum machine there is something very special about the band and their L.P. debut.

Souls of Misfortune are working on their follow up album, which Andy says will see the band moving away from the Goth umbrella towards finding a ‘new home’ under Dark Alternative. There isn’t a bad track on their self made, self titled debut so let’s hope this talented bunch don’t move too far away from their Goth aesthetics.

You can see Souls of Misfortune live on 27th June with Secrets & Lies at Plymouth’s Junction.

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Sheila Vanloo

May 2021

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