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Safe Live Gigs 1 - Covid 0

Live and Unleashed From Lockdown

King Creature/ Daxx & Roxane/ Ethyrfield

The highly anticipated return to live music is slowly starting to happen with music fans ravenously hungry for gigs.

With Cornish rock lords King Creature announced as headliners for a trial run at a new venue, a sell out for the first event at The Yard was guaranteed.

They made it happen - General Jules Chenoweth on stage to introduce Devon trio Ethyrfield while Creature team member Bevis Robins takes pix of a very happy crowd.

Innovators taking on the task of organising a live event under the dark cloud of Covid deserve a medal, make it two medals. Prior to the global pandemic running any large scale event was daunting enough, throw social distancing and tougher regulations into the mix and organisers are both brave and slightly insane. The team behind King Creature, led by the amazing General Jules Chenoweth, are proof that it can be done. Yesterday’s first event at The Yard ran like clockwork, well briefed stewards were on hand to ensure distancing measures were adhered to from the moment we arrived, with each group queuing for registration in our own bubbles. Having already received a Rules & Regs email, we happily completed the registration track and trace paperwork before sitting in the sun and catching up with friends. The atmosphere in the outer Yard was joyous; despite the absence of pre Covid hugs and handshakes, warm smiles and cheerful greetings go a long way when we have been separated for months. Once the gates to the main Yard were opened, everyone found their own pre allocated squares and set up camp with no mad rush to find the ‘best spot’, just 150 happy fans enjoying being set free from lockdown.

Safely segregated we were ready to rock.

First up were Devon trio Ethyrfield who have been drawing attention to themselves since they formed back in 2014. These young guns are seriously accomplished musicians, unfazed at being the openers for a groundbreaking stab at creating a return to live music they delivered a string of superb original songs. Ethyrfield are supremely confident and skilled beyond their years, the crowd loved them. Definitely a band on the rise.

Devon trio Ethyrfield start the day with confidence and style

Hailing from Switzerland, London based Daxx & Roxane stormed onto the stage with a blistering set of energetic, in your face retro style rock. There are strong shades of AC/DC and Deep Purple about these guys, a nod to the golden rock days of the 70’s with a Daxx and Roxane twist. Fabulous musicians who play to the crowd, they bounce around the stage like Sweden’s answer to Zebedee, while delivering back to back originals with the odd cover thrown in. If you are fortunate enough to see them live, don’t let them leave the stage without hearing their immense cover of Stevie Wonder’s Superstition.

Daxx and Roxanne rip it up with blistering retro rock

As you would expect, King Creature stepped onto the stage to a rapturous welcome; the boys have been busy writing and recording their way through lock down, but their biggest love is playing live and their delight at being in front of an audience was reflected in a stellar performance.

King Creature playing their hearts out at The Yard

With new album Set The World On Fire coming our way, it was a safe bet that the Creature would be offering up new work for us to enjoy. Latest single Wisdom Told is already a winner; played live this beautifully melodic song is destined to become a firm favourite, despite bringing a tear to the eye. The live taste of new tracks from Set The World On Fire sent eager fans online to pre order their copy for the 2nd November release.

Earlier classics continue to thrill fans, Lowlife, Fortune Teller and King For A Day were greeted with love, fists in the air and loud applause (cheering not being permitted under Covid H&S rules).

King Creature played their hearts out at The Yard, the boys always deliver epic live shows filled with passionate raw energy, breathtaking musicianship and gifted song writing. The Yard gig was as brilliant as any the boys have played before, but their first live gig since lockdown contained some extra magic for everyone as we shared a moment in Cornwall when we collectively proved that live gigs can be achieved safely if we work together.

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Sheila Vanloo

September 2020

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