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Remembering Hiroshima

Enola Gay

Ooberfuse and Hibari

At 08.15 am on 6th August 1945 an American B29 dropped a deadly nuclear payload on the innocent civilians of Hiroshima; Enola Gay killed at least 70,000 men, women and children and left a further 69,000 with horrendous injuries. There was virtually nothing left standing of the city itself.

In 1980 Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark released their anti war song Enola Gay, which quickly became another huge hit for the band. Fast forward to 2020 and the song has been revisited by London duo Ooberfuse in collaboration with their close friend Hibari. Ooberfuse themselves are based in Woolwich, ironically the very area whose history is one of researching, designing and manufacturing armaments.

Hal St. John and Cherrie Anderson’s have toured across Europe, Canada, China and beyond, often alongside Hibari. Ooberfuse cleverly disguise their modern day protest songs with Cherrie’s quirky ethereal vocals and an upbeat synth pop sound.

Tokyo based chip tune electronic artist Hibari grew up with the dark horrors of Hiroshima taught in schools, unlike the curriculum in other countries where it has been glorified or erased altogether.

Together Ooberfuse and Hibari have recorded a stunning cover of OMD’s Enola Gay from a Japanese viewpoint; Cherrie’s delivery of OMD’s original lyrics in her trademark hypnotic style is in sharp contrast to Hibaru’s staccato and far more personal lyrics. Tom Robinson and Boy George are already fans, I am very late to the table in discovering Ooberfuse and Hibari, but I’m catching up fast and delving into back catalogues. This fab collaborative cover of Enola Gay is my latest earworm, a superb take on the original. Check it out on You Tube, but be warned the accompanying video contains hard hitting footage of the aftermath of the bomb. War is ugly and desperately sad. www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLQytpbDc6Y

Find out more about Ooberfuse at www.ooberfuse.com

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For more about Hibari - www.facebook.com/straight.edge.hibari

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