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Perfect Punk Album From Cornwall's Night Motor


Night Motor

Finally some good news for Punk fans as Cornwall’s Night Motor emerge from the dark months ready to launch their brand new album.

Fatal is a highly polished cut above anything the band have previously offered up and founder Mawgan Lewis is justifiably proud of this latest work, ‘We took our time with Fatal, we knew we had something special and didn’t want to rush release it.’ says Mawgan.

Putting in the extra time and holding back for perfection has paid off, the opening track Blessed and Cursed instantly promises a memorable journey back to the heady days when Punk ruled and violently coloured hair was plastered into Mohican spikes held together with sugar water. The 13 track treasure gives end to end delights with a smattering of ‘start and finish in under two minute’ bangers mixed in with a couple of 5 minute epics. The running order works brilliantly, but makes isolating highlights impossible as each track segues effortlessly into the next until you’re listening to the last song and have to start over again in a vain attempt at finding a standout track in an album of standout tracks. It is, as previously mentioned, impossible.

Although Mawgan is lyricist and composer in Night Motor, once the demo draft is ready the rest of the band add their ideas to the mix in forming the songs and final arrangements; working in this way energises the band into pouring their collaborative hearts and souls into creating a winner. Night Motor have excelled themselves on Fatal, every track is perfectly layered with the restless, relentless energy of Punk juxtaposed with some beautifully melodic moments. The vocal reach of lead singer Mat McIvor is almost scary, bassist Pete Knight is in fine form with terrific riffs, Jonny Hipgrave thrashes the hell out of the drums (in a good way), while Mawgan lets rip on the guitar. Bringing Kelly Green’s keyboard and theremin skills into the band adds a whole new dimension to Night Motor’s sound with Kelly also joining Mawgan on backing vocals.

Not everyone loves, or even likes, Punk music; many consider the genre to be nothing short of a raucous violation of ears, and they wouldn’t be wrong in some cases, but Fatal is on a par with the top names from the golden era of the 70’s/80s. The band themselves describe Fatal as a mash up of Punk/Goth/Garage/Pop/ Industrial and there are definite shades of Talking Heads, Television, The B52s and Cabaret Voltaire running through the album. Ultimately Fatal is all Night Motor’s own work, a perfectly formed album recorded in three frantic days at Par’s Cube Studios.

The band are itching to get out and play the album live, if New York’s CBGB’s was still hosting their world famous Punk line ups, Night Motor would fit right in alongside Patti Smith and The Ramones. Sadly CBGB’s is no more, but the bookings will start rolling in when venues are confident that they have the green light to throw open their doors and give the punters the excitement of live gigs once more.

Night Motor recently featured on an episode of the Old Bakery’s OBTV, if you missed it you can catch up here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iwq9LmV5ljs

Fatal is released on June 7th, find out more about the album and the band -

Website - www.nightmotor.com

Follow them on socials –

Facebook - www.facebook.com/nightmotor

Instagram - www.instagram.com/nightmotor

Sheila Vanloo

May 2021

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