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Opening Night, Good Friends and Good Food

Rebellion Pizzeria


Let’s put this out there before we start – I’m not a pizza fan, but appreciate I’m in the minority as they are in Britain’s Top 5 favourite takeaway meals. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate pizzas, they just aren’t my ‘go to’ choice of meal. So when friends invited me to the opening night of Rebellion’s Pizzeria in Charlestown I admit that I accepted their invitation for reasons which had nothing to do with pizzas – after a year of being shut in I desperately wanted to spend time with said friends and to eat out. The choice of what we would eat was way down on my list of priorities.

First nights are stressful whether you’re launching a new play or a new restaurant, everyone involved has to adjust and ‘bed in’ to new challenges, first nights notoriously go wrong; if there were teething troubles at Rebellion on Friday night they were well hidden. The staff (all masked) were friendly and helpful, patiently explaining how the Covid safe system worked in this new world order; we settled for the old skool way in requesting a menu, while some opted for those clever QR codes and others had already pre-ordered online. Looking around Rebellion’s decking area left us in no doubt that management have given plenty of thought to spacing tables and chairs, adhering to Covid rules for the benefit of staff and customers alike. Customers did their bit too by distancing when queuing and keeping to their individual groups as if we’ve always lived this way.

Rebellion’s menu caters for diverse tastes – diehard carnivores or the strictest vegans and vegetarians should all find something to please their palates. Our pizzas were a mix of meat and vegetarian, my own choice being the Mediterranean Medley – goat’s cheese, black olives and roasted veg. The pizza bases are sourdough; ours were light and cooked to perfection with a satisfyingly crispy edge. The topping portions were absolutely perfect with delicious melt in the mouth flavours delighting the taste buds rather than overwhelming them. My friends were equally enthusiastic about their choices of The Italian Job and the Pesto Chicken. Our pizzas were freshly prepared and served piping hot, which meant a bit of a wait on their busy first night, but they were worth it. Rebellion also offers the option to create your own and a good choice of side dishes.

Opening night was a roaring success with a steady queue of people lining up for their boxes of Rebellion Friday night supper. As previously mentioned, I’m not a fan of pizzas, but Rebellion has converted me and, to quote Arnie, ‘I’ll be back’.

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Sheila Vanloo

April 2021

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