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No 2nd Album Syndrome for The Hempolics

Kiss, Cuddle & Torture Vol 2

The Hempolics

Love for The Hempolics has exploded since their 2017 album release Kiss, Cuddle & Torture Vol 1. Widely acclaimed by critics and adored by 6 Music presenters, including Liz Kershaw who declared it to be one of her favourite ‘all killer no filler’ albums of all time. Revered names Maxi Jazz and Paulo Nutini are numbered amongst the fans.

Such high profile support is welcomed, but adds pressure to musicians and often leads to the dreaded 2nd album syndrome. Grippa Laybourne and The Hempolics have risen high above such pressure and shoot from their funky hip with Kiss, Cuddle & Torture Vol. 2.

Vol 2 is end to end magic for your ears, filled with The Hemps’ trademark mash up of Electro, Reggae, Soul and Hip Hop and a side order of Rap courtesy of Miami rapper Cojak who appears on Gotta Thing.

Grippa’s years of production experience allow him to create a perfectly honed sound on every track, but he also appreciates the undoubted talents of the band as a whole; tracks are multi layered, but nobody disappears into the background. The unmistakable vocals of Nubiya Brandon shine on 5 songs while Hemps’ brothers Dandelion and Harry Collier’s sexy smooth vocals wash over us along the way.

Lorenzo delivers his usual top class bass lines, Craig Boorman’s exceptional drumming beats like a strong pulse throughout while Leon King’s Reggae/Dub guitar skills are peerless.

Kiss, Cuddle and Torture Vol 2 is everything fans want and more; the sound is pure Hempolics, but they are growing musically and the new album reflect this.

In normal times we would be grooving with The Hemps at festivals across the land, for now fans can enjoy 12 tracks of endless summer vibes while The Hempolics soak up the guaranteed success of their latest album.

Released on 3rd July, K,C&T Vol 2 has already been enjoying the spotlight as 6 Music’s Album of the Day.

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Sheila Vanloo

July 2020

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