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Moomins, Music and Magic Mushrooms!

Salon de la Vie – Season 3

Episode 2 - Celebrating Tove Jansson

Scary Little Girls

Presented by Rebecca Mordan

I loved The Moomins back in the 70’s/80’s, but never gave a thought to the origins of the weird, surreal little creatures and their very strange world. I found this Salon to be the most interesting to date simply because I learned so much about the creator Tove Jansson. That isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy previous Salons, I’ve loved them all, but they have focussed on more high profile women with widely known histories – Tove Jansson was a revelation to me.

Having grown up enjoying the strange little books, Rebecca Mordan would inevitably delve into Tove’s history at some point to create a Salon around this fascinating woman. Actress and Theatre Director Gabriella Bjork Gabbitas joined Rebecca in a wonderful discussion about Tove, sharing her vast knowledge of the author’s work along with her private life. The content of the discussion was so richly filled that the programme time ran away and, rather than lose Gabriella’s absorbing stories in the editing suite, there is an extra You Tube recording available containing the full interview. I was so transfixed that I felt compelled to do my own research and come up with a little gem about the original telly series – two young post punks, Graeme Miller and Steve Shill, were contracted to create the music for the series. They were well chosen for the job; at the time the two were very fond of magic mushrooms and were already writing psychedelic music for a theatre company, the strange Moomin family were a perfect fit for a magic mushroom assisted soundtrack!

Both Rebecca and Gabriella read from Tove’s writing, Rebecca choosing a lovely piece from Moominland Winter and Gabriella reading from Tove’s adult writing in The Summer Book.

A delightful Salon de la Vie, with music and song from Rebecca and her ukelady; you can catch up on all Salons at the Scary Little Girls’ YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UCQzLsixxJ_dhZ5UOAzdGS7g

Here is a direct link to the full interview with Gabriella Bjork Gabbitas –


The next Salon de la Vie is on Wednesday 10th March at 7.30pm and is a Mother’s Day Special, find out more here:


Sheila Vanloo

March 2021

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