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Missing You

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Photos, Shows and People

Some of the companies and performers we are missing during Covid - more to follow

Craig Johnson

Squashbox Theatre

Rebecca Mordan

Scary Little Girls Feminist Theatre Production Company

Photo courtesy of Thom Axon Photography

Daniel Richards and Charlotte Bister.

'Owdyado Theatre

Photo courtesy of Jon Jacobs

Bec Applebee, Mowser, Rory Wilton and Emily Faulkner

Cousin Jack's Theatre - with thanks to Guy Watson

Photo courtesy of Gordon Scammell

Kyla Goodey and Sally Crooks

Trifle Gathering Productions

Photo courtesy of Lee Searle Photography

The Asylum Kneehigh Theatre

Photo courtesy of Ian Kingsnorth Photography

Photo Courtesy of Steve Tanner

Young Kneehigh fans Saffron & Madison Tyler

Story Republicans. Photo courtesy of KEAP

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