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Mayhem and Madness From The Irrepressible Seamas Carey

Pagan Pandemonium – The Indoor/Outdoor Games

Devised and Hosted by Seamas Carey (with a little help from his friends)

The irrepressible bundle of energy that is Seamas Carey finally unleashed his online version of Pagan Pandemonium on Sunday evening. Following practise runs in Cornwall gauging public opinion of the show, Seamas and his team were on the starting blocks for a grand tour when the world was plunged into chaos.

Along with thousands of other innovators, creators and performers across the country, Seamas was forced to cancel the live tour when Covid reared its ugly head. Not to be beaten, Seamas gathered his thoughts, his friends and family together to bring the online version into our living rooms. Pagan Pandemonium is a triumph, focussing on much loved, often weird yet wonderful traditions and festivals which have been passed on for generations. Two local families, the Mundens and the Harwins, were pitted against each other in a bid to win prizes and, of course, honour as the inaugural winners.

Without giving too much away, we enjoyed songs and music from Seamas and The Morris Minors plus Appalachian dance from St. Just’s Shindig Cloggers. A Straw Bear and a Green Man made regular appearances both as fighters and friends. Fair and honest referee Louis King kept a close eye on the games and competitors while The Merry Maidens were glamorous sporting assistants.

Seamas loves costume changes, watch out for a wide variety of colourful outfits and marvel at the awesome broom wielding by an overqualified Janitor.

Pagan Pandemonium is filled with much needed laughter and song, but there are also poignant moments as unseen voices reflect on the personal losses and great sadness of a terrible year. There is also a strong message of collective hope for the future, for a time when we can once again hug family and friends and join together en masse to share the joyous experience of live events.

Pagan Pandemonium is free to watch and is available indefinitely on You Tube; it will make you laugh and cry and probably leave you with an earworm – two days on and I am still singing ‘I Wish I Was A Standing Stone’.

Follow the link and spend an hour lost in the mayhem and madness of Pagan Pandemonium, a family friendly show that all ages will enjoy -


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