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Lock Down Winner

When This Is Over

The Velvet Hands

As we emerge blinking from the dark side into a post Covid world, the stampede to pubs and hairdressers is on. The Velvet Hands are leading the charge with a rip roaring anthem of epic proportions. When This Is Over is a magnificent hi energy ear worm that latches onto your senses and simply won’t let go. Remember loudly singing along to Sham 69’s Hurry Up Harry? Or Splodgeness Abounds as we called for ‘Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps Please’? Or Jilted John as he bemoaned the loss of Julie to Gordon The Moron? Yeah, that. Simple, yet memorable songs, that unite an audience with feel good fun. This track puts The Velvet Hands firmly among those elite names who have released a song that embedded itself into our hearts with raunchy riffs and a catchy chorus. No complex lyrics, just a happy pop song that radio stations across the land will be adding to their playlist.

This is the song that will take TVH wherever they want to go; When This Is Over will be on everyone’s lips as we head to the pub and 2021 festival goers will sing it loud and proud in tents and fields across the land. All together now –‘Yeah, we’re really going to the puuuub’.

Mindful of all venues suffering from revenue losses, with many unable to plan for the future, When This Is Over is released on 3rd July in aid of The Music Venue Trust.

The following download links will be live from Friday 3rd July –




Sheila Vanloo

June 2020

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