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Join the online Flashmob!

Kerpow Flashmob in aid of The Women's Centre Cornwall

I joined an online workshop event this week instigated by the fabulous performance artists of Kerpow. There will be an online Flashmob performance of how we've done on Friday 17th July. Our first workshop was great fun, wine was involved and there was a lot of laughter (I am not a dancer, trust me when I say wine was needed in my house不不). The dance routine is very simple and there is absolutely no pressure to get it right. There will be an online video coming very soon to help us practise our moves. Kerpow have launched this event in aid of The Women's Centre Cornwall who are desperately in need of funds, which is why I don't mind making a complete tit of myself for all the world to see. The fabulous Emily Alden is leading another workshop this Thursday 9th July at 7.30pm and there is plenty of room for everyone to join online wherever you are. The criteria is simple - you must be female above the age of 11. Don't want to dance? You can help by spreading the word and, if you can afford to donate that would be amazing too. Your men can join in by donating and supporting. Find out more, sign up to join in and/or donate here -


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