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Jazz Urell - Debut Single

Jazz Urell

Burning Desire

Jazz has been part of the Cornish music scene for some time and, until Covid lock down, was a popular performer at local gigs and jam nights. With the release of her debut single, Burning Desire, Jazz will attract a whole new fan base and rightly so.

We have a penchant for stamping music and musicians with a genre, but Jazz falls firmly into the ‘can’t put a label on this one’ box. She’s a little bit country, a lot of soul, heavy jazz overtones all wrapped up with a beautiful, crystal clear voice. Jazz’s vocals move seamlessly from fragile and delicate to a soaring power that takes your breath away; think Norah Jones meets Julie Felix.

Jazz joined her pal and fellow musician Sarah Marie Tyrell last year on Cornwall Sound Lounge; during our chat Jazz mentioned that she had just finished writing a brand new song, Burning Desire. At the time, Jazz hadn’t shared the song with anyone, Sarah and I put her on the spot immediately begging her to play it live on air – which she bravely agreed to asking us to forgive her if it all went horribly wrong. Live radio is always unpredictable and things have been known to go horribly wrong in the past. Jazz launched into the intro, but when she came in with the vocals our small studio fell completely silent as Jazz sent shivers up and down our spines. When the song was over, in typically humble style, Jazz asked if it sounded ok! We were inundated with messages after her performance and we knew she was onto a winner with Burning Desire. Releasing the track as her debut single was a no brainer.

So here it is in all it’s wonderful glory absolutely free to play on You Tube – enjoy.


Sheila Vanloo

July 2020

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