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It's Only Rock n Roll, But We Like It


The Velvet Hands

Mention Cornish band The Velvet Hands and the Indie radar jumps to full alert, always hungry for guitar led songs with pounding drums and edgy lyrics; the band’s latest release Star has all these ingredients and more besides.

Toby Mitchell takes a step back as lead vocalist on Star, making way for Dan Able to step up and deliver a sharp kick in the balls to reality telly. Dan’s strong backing vocals on previous singles left us in no doubt that, when the right song was written, he was ready to take centre stage. Toby and Dan have always given each other spotlight space during live gigs, so much so that their selfless sharing has often felt as if there are two leads on stage. TVH enjoy shaking things up and putting Dan at the front of this latest release was an inspired decision, he has been patiently waiting for this song.

Bassist Sam Hilder quietly gets on with the job, but don’t underestimate his role in this band, Sam’s input is classy stuff and should be recognised as such. Toby’s brother Louis has grown into the drummer that he originally promised - his extraordinary skills are way beyond his young years.

On the subject of mixing it up, the boys have again drafted in the fabulous Jazz Urell on backing vocals, a win win situation all round.

Also in the mix is award winning composer and performer the deliciously clever Simon Dobson who adds an extra dimension with some very cool brass noise.

Star is another fine single from TVH, reminiscent of The Stones and Oasis – bands whose music will never disappear. The Velvet Hands are rapidly becoming more rock n roll than Indie and that is fine by their fans; after all, it’s only rock n roll, but we like it.

When TVH are once again out there on the live stages, festival fans will be singing along with Star - ‘Show me your dreams and I’ll make it a scene, yeah now you’re gonna be a Star’.

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