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Isolation Sessions

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

King of the Pentacles

Stanley Duke and The Kindred Spirits

King of the Pentacles is the 3rd track from Isolation Tarot, the upcoming debut EP from Cornwall’s favourite avant garde son Stanley Duke.

The previous tracks for the EP, Hanged Man and Temperance, hold a laid back charm while King of the Pentacles ups the ante and is driven by powerful psychedelic guitar and big drums. The new track carries a much harder rock vibe while Stan’s Bolanesque vocals conjure up vivid pictures of feather boas, bright yellow satin trousers and crushed velvet jackets. Fond memories are ignited of rummaging through the rails of Granny Takes A Trip in the vague hope of finding a cast off from the Electric Warrior himself.

Stanley may have been reinvented since the heady days of Lost Dawn and, although he could be the glamorous love child of Bowie, Bolan and Prince, he is definitely the master of his own style and work. Everything he produces is fresh and different; with King of the Pentacles Stanley has elevated the expectations for the next lock down release to drop.

King of the Pentacles is out now, watch the video on You Tube


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