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Indie Punks Back A Winner With An Unexpected Twist

The Velvet Hands Back On A Winner E.P

The Velvet Hands, Cornwall’s darlings of the Indie scene, have been writing new material throughout lock down and are pretty impressed with themselves – citing the new material as their best yet. But while we wait for the latest offerings, we can enjoy a look back at their previous best work with their recently released Back On A Winner E.P.

The 5 track release is available to download from the usual places, but if you order a physical copy you have the added bonus of 4 live tracks recorded at Truro’s Old Bakery. What’s not to love about that option?

Titled after their most recent single, the E.P. opens with the self same Back On A Winner, loud and lairy, energetic and angry, the track is not only receiving great reviews and radio plays, but has been picked up by Wolverhampton Wanderers as their goal scoring song, featured on Made In Chelsea and even used as an intro to ITV’s European Darts Championship.

As Velvet fans would expect, also included on the E.P. are This Feeling, Fallout and Don’t Be Nice – all great tracks and a brilliant example of how the boys have evolved and grown in stature since their formation in 2014.Their guitar led banging tunes are still very much at the heart of everything they do, but the writing is so much better – hardly surprising when we recall that they formed at Truro College at the tender age of 17/18, releasing their first album, the excellent ‘Party’s Over’, three years later.

So, the first four tracks on the E.P. are true to form for the boys, but then they throw in a twist with an acoustic version of Back On A Winner featuring the stunning vocals of Jazz Urell. For those who haven’t yet heard of this talented singer/songwriter, Jazz has been quietly bubbling under on the Cornish scene for some time with classy covers and, more recently, sharing her own original Americana/Country compositions. I bet you’re already picturing Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers and wondering how the hell a high octane Indie band teaming up with a soft rock singer will work? The Velvets know exactly what they’re doing thank you very much and the track is simply brilliant, I just hope that when things are no longer ruled by Covid we all get to see Jazz sing live with the boys – it’s pretty special.

For those of you who purchase the physical CD, the four main tracks on the E.P are the bonus live tracks and well worth the extra pennies. TVH are a live band at heart, their studio work is always class, but there is nothing quite like the hot and angry passion that pours out of them when they hit the stage.

With so much media interest in the single release of Back On A Winner, it will be interesting to hear the results of their lock down writing, particularly when the boys themselves are so hyped about the new work.

I’m anticipating even greater things from TVH as they climb ever higher – no pressure guys!

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Sheila Vanloo

November 2020

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