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High Energy Ethos Captured On A Studio E.P

Are You Sitting Comfortably? (Then We’ll Begin)

Chay Snowdon

Are You Sitting Comfortably? (Then We’ll Begin) is the much anticipated debut EP from West Country rockers Chay Snowdon.

Sandwiched between two short bursts of clever and fun intro/outros are five banging tracks exemplifying how immensely loud and proud these young bucks are. The boys are happiest on stage, firing the audience up with pounding drums, powerful guitars and lead singer Chay’s distinctively gritty vocals; somehow these masters of anthemic pop songs have poured all the raw excitement and panache of their stage shows into this EP. No song on Are You Sitting Comfortably? indicates being studio based, every track is pure in your face rock n roll, with all the brash passion of their live performances.

Hard hitting opening track What The Kids Want sets the scene with Tough Guys Die First and Loud Shirts following on to keep pace with the high energy ethos of the band. The final tracks are slightly less frenzied with Men Cry Too and Cash Only highlighting the band’s softer and slightly more emotional side, proving the boys can change it down a gear – there is much more to Chay Snowdon than a big sound and stage strutting; lyrically the songs are clever, witty and sometimes thought provoking.

Hopefully the planned ‘pathway to freedom’ works out and we will soon be joining friends in a mosh pit soaking up the band’s glorious guitar riffs, explosive drumming, distinctive vocals and a lead singer with more swagger than Jagger.

Are You Sitting Comfortably? (Then We’ll Begin) is out now.

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Sheila Vanloo March 2021

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