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Gozer's Back Catalogue of Gems Revisited and Reworked

Gozer Goodspeed

Ghosts of the Future & Past

2021 has been a busy year for Plymouth’s Gozer Goodspeed; following an EP release earlier this summer and recently signing to record label Lights And Lines, he has launched the label’s first official recording (LAL-001) with a 17 track retrospective album. Although Ghosts is a look back at Gozer’s previous work, this isn’t a lazy ‘let’s give ‘em a best of’ release, but is a lovingly thought out, reworked and remastered collection of gems.

Gozer fans will find favourites, both old and more recent, alongside surprises in the shape of previously unrecorded tracks and live bootlegs; delighted that personal favourites including Outliers and King Point Marina have been revisited on Ghosts.

From early Gozer days the previously unreleased Charlatans & Hypnotists offers a reminder of the giant leaps the storytelling singer/songwriter has made in a very short space of time.

Killjoy Bulletin has never been recorded in the studio, but a live bootleg version is included on Ghosts and gives new listeners a tiny insight into Gozer’s live sound.

Gambler’s Last Day is both the opening and closing track to the album, with Gozer’s original welcoming us in and a classy remix of the song by Chris Wood of Whistlewood Studios sitting very nicely at the end. A video to the original version of Gambler’s Last Day is available on You Tube - www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEIlTgPoQpw

Now’s Not The Time To Lay Low is a teaser from a brand new album promised for 2022, on the strength of this track we can look forward to an even richer sound from our blues and folk master.

Ghosts of the Future & Past is an excellent tribute to Gozer’s talents showcasing his progression as a writer and performer who mixes blues, folk and rock creating his own distinct sound.

Ghosts of the Future & Past is available as an environmentally friendly CD digipak and as a digital download via Bandcamp - www.gozergoodspeed.bandcamp.com/album/ghosts-of-the-future-past

Find out more about Gozer - Facebook - www.facebook.com/gozergoodspeed

Website - www.gozergoodspeed.co.uk

Twitter - www.twitter.com/gozer_goodspeed

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