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Get Yer Dancin' Shoes On

The Rezner

The Jive

Summer 2020 should have been the year The Rezner rocked festival stages up and down the country; live performance plans may have been curtailed, but plague and pestilence have not curbed their enthusiasm.

The Jive has been let loose as a fan pleaser until the boys return to the studio to record an official follow up to ‘Wouldn’t You Like To Know’.

The Rezner are at their happiest in front of a live audience, bouncing about on stage like supercharged Energiser bunnies. Strutting their stuff and exciting the crowd is their raison d’etre and The Jive has been a guaranteed floor filler since they first introduced it into their set.

The Jive is 2½ minutes of cheeky, unapologetic rock to keep us dancing in isolation until we can once again soak up The Rezner at their live and illustrious best somewhere on a big stage in a field.

The Jive is available from July 3rd 2020

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Find out more at www.therezner.co.uk

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