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Furs Produce Their Epic

Made of Rain

The Psychedelic Furs

Loyal Psychedelic Furs’ fans have yearned for the band to return to the studio and kick some life into our bland music scene, for too long we’ve endured a dull plethora of manufactured dross that drove some of us to literally sit and watch paint dry. Real music fans of all ages constantly turn to the past for their personal playlists – check out this year’s new releases and the latest album charts, both are crammed with re-issues and ‘best ofs’, this has been going on for years.

Finally, after almost 30 years, The Furs explode ‘Made of Rain’ into our midst and are instantly forgiven for the agonising wait. We’ve had tempting snippets of what was coming from singles released earlier this year, but every track is worth of a single release – there are no fillers here.

Made of Rain charges at us with a powerful opener ‘The Boy Who Created Rock and Roll’ leaving us in no doubt that the Furs mean business. Subsequent tracks power on through driven by the Furs’ distinctive sound, led by co-founder Richard Butler’s unparalleled vocals; while brother Tim’s masterly bass skills continue to send shivers down the spine. Long time and incredibly talented Furs band members Paul Garisto, Mars Williams, Rich Good and Amanda Kramer deliver tight drumming, gloriously quivering guitar, haunting sax/oboe and superb keys.

Made of Rain is The Furs’ at their absolute best – an epic that equals their eponymous first album and its follow up Talk,Talk,Talk. Released less than a fortnight ago Made of Rain went straight into the Top 20 Album Chart, proof that you can’t keep a good band down.

Old they may be (aren’t we all?), but The Furs can still turn it on with a melodic, dark, powerful, cynical, honest, raw, beautiful and downright sexy album. The band tours next year and fans will be clamouring to hear the new songs live, mixed up with early classics Into You Like A Train and Dumb Waiters please!

Made of Rain is out now on Cooking Vinyl. Find out more -



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Sheila Vanloo

August 2020

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