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Drawing Breath To Reflect

The Great Pause

Sara Vian

Frome based singer/songwriter Sara Vian unveiled her latest single this week, The Great Pause encapsulates the uncertainty of our global crisis.

Sara’s haunting vocals lend themselves perfectly to her thought provoking lyrics and heart melting melody. Previous releases highlight Sara’s love for life and her hope for a better world; lock down increased Sara’s belief that we should draw breath and reflect on how we move towards a more caring, peaceful society.

We are living in strange and frightening times, collectively we have experienced months of loneliness, sadness, anger and fear, thousands of families have been devastated by the loss of loved ones. But even in the darkest times there is hope, something Sara conveys so well in this new release.

The Great Pause should be depressing, but Sara’s lyrics celebrate human resilience and our ability to adjust, we’ve learned new lock down skills indoors while outside our planet and wildlife rejoiced and rejuvenated.

Featuring guitarist David Setterfield and bassist Will Angeloro, The Great Pause is skillfully produced by Stephen Bentley.

An emotive and beautiful song, The Great Pause is something we can all relate to.

Find out more about Sara and her music –

www.saravianmusic.com www.facebook.com/saravianmusic

www.twitter.com/saravianmusic www.instagram.com/saravianmusic

www.saravian3.bandcamp.com www.youtube.com/channel/UCfy_oCxmXzje0RcQKC02WEg

Sheila Vanloo

August 2020

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