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Distinctive Retro Synth Pop From Ooberfuse

Set Me Free


‘Set Me Free’ is the latest single release from London based electro pop duo Ooberfuse; the track is taken from their most recent E.P. ‘Tears Can Only Sting’ which has notched up an impressive 100k + Spotify streams.

The lyrics on ‘Set Me Free’ will resonate with many as the song delves into the emotional reactions that are let loose when our individual freedoms are threatened.

Hal St. John’s superb keyboard skills along with hypnotic throbbing bass, are the uplifting beating heart of a potentially very dark song, while Cherrie Anderson’s beautifully ethereal vocals are reminiscent of Alison Goldfrapp or Margot Timmins at their most fragile.

Had Ooberfuse been around in the synth pop glory days they would have comfortably shared glittering stages with the likes of Pet Shop Boys and Erasure; as it is Cherrie and Hal are blazing their own trail and reinvigorating a genre of music which has never gone away, but needs the occasional Ooberfuse style shake up.

Check out and enjoy the fabulously retro video to ‘Set Me Free’ on YouTube –


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January 2021

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