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Deeply Personal Lyrics of Isolation and Desperation


50 Year Storm

The intro to the latest single from hard rock trio 50 Year Storm is slightly misleading with an otherworldly calm gently drawing us along before everything kicks in and grabs us by the throat.

Damon Morey’s ethereal vocals are reminiscent of early prog rock back in the heady days when we immersed ourselves in stories housed within extravagant gatefold vinyl. Previous songs have highlighted 50 Year Storm’s storytelling prowess and Damon’s lyrics on Intravenous are both personal and powerful.

Intravenous vividly lays out the sad inner battles of an addict, the isolation and desperation of trying to break free, believing everyone has turned on him and nobody will stop him falling into a dark pit from which there is no return. The addict loses everything, eventually finding himself desperately questioning his very existence.

Before you run for the hills in search of something more uplifting, Intravenous is not a depressing song – yes, the vocal content is dark, but the band have cleverly tempered Damon’s deeply meaningful lyrics and vocals with Andy’s masterful guitar deftly shifting from beautifully melodic to outright raw rock while Emma’s kick ass drumming complements without overpowering. Damon’s synth playing skilfully underpins the song, gently steering Intravenous along to its conclusion.

We are all eager to get out there and enjoy live gigs once again, meantime 50 Year Storm offer up their new single to help the time pass until they hit the festival stages of Cornwall and beyond.

Intravenous drops on 2nd April and is available on the following platforms:

Spotify – www.spotify.com/50YearStorm

You Tube - www.youtube.com/c/50YearStorm

Follow 50 Year Storm –

Website - www.50yearstorm.co.uk

Facebook - www.facebook.com/50yearstormofficial

Twitter – www.twitter.com/50_Year_Storm

Instagram - www.instagram.com/50_year_storm

Sheila Vanloo

March 2021

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