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Cornish Rock Royalty Light Up

Set The World On Fire

King Creature

Marshall Records

It would be an understatement to suggest that King Creature’s upcoming album is highly anticipated, fans are champing at the bit to get their mitts on Set The World On Fire. The boys’ recent gig at Cornwall’s The Yard sold out within seven minutes with disappointed fans who missed out begging for tickets on social media; such is the widespread popularity of the Cornish rockers that some successful applicants travelled very long distances to enjoy the superb gig.

To date the Creature have dropped four awesome singles from the album, mouth watering appetisers for what to expect on release day this November 6th. Some might say that offering up so many tracks prior to an album release could backfire if the rest don’t match up to the same high standard. As if the boys would launch a half assed album on us! King Creature raise their own high bar, whether it be in the studio or on a live stage, the boys are passionate about their music and pour every ounce of themselves into their sound thereby making Set The World On Fire the epitome of an all killer no filler album.

The album kicks in with crowd pleaser Desolation, the hard core opener sets the scene for a roller coaster ride with KC firmly in charge. The very best rock bands have the ability to segue from huge rock noise to beautifully melodic, an art that the Creature have mastered with seeming ease. The stunning Wisdom Told is a shining example of a more laid back Creature and quickly became hugely popular as a single release last month. A wonderful homage to Dads we have lost and those still with us; Wisdom Told’s lyrics were personal and heartfelt while the melody proved the Creature’s mellow side and musicianship beyond doubt.

Set The World On Fire is a broad mix of dark and light reflecting the uncertain times we find ourselves in; Captives, their latest single release, is very much on the dark side with an overtone of sinister – lyrically a song about a controlling relationship while, fittingly, the tune sounds like the devil had a hand in its creation. Bassist and lead vocalist Dave Kellaway is consistently brilliant; guitarists Matt Karl Vincent and Dave Evans are faultless with exceptional guitar riffs throughout, while Jack Bassett keeps things tight as hell on drums. The running order is inspired with a top opening and a truly grand finale in Live Forever – a track that allows Jack to showcase his exceptional drumming skills.

Production and engineering legends John Cornfield (Muse, Supergrass) and Mike Exeter (Black Sabbath, Cradle of Filth) liaised online with the boys during lockdown to help create something very special.

Loud and proud to the last note, Set The World On Fire will garner plenty of new converts to the King Creature realm while keeping long established royal subjects very happy.

King Creature’s planned December tour with Orange Goblin has been rescheduled for December 2021. No prizes for guessing that Covid has stopped play until next year.

Set The World On Fire is available to pre order on CD and Vinyl herehttps://kingcreature.stors.co/

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Sheila Vanloo October 2020

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