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Cornish Band With East Coast American Sound

The World In Extremis

Octopus Crime

Hard to believe that Octopus Crime formed just 18 months ago, in a very short space of time they have managed to release two albums – the self titled Octopus Crime in 2019 and Drumstick Vegetation in 2020. Despite lockdowns and no live gigs they recently released a new EP The World In Extremis.

Hailing from the westerly end of Cornwall, Adam, Bryony, Jago and Merryn are young, full of energy and eager to ‘bring back 90’s Punk Rock and Grunge’ in their own laid back style. The band are closer to Americana Grunge than British Punk; the tracks on the E.P. carry superb tunes, riffs and strong bass lines without the deep rooted anger of early British Punks like Angelic Upstarts or Crass.

O.C. definitely sound more East Coast American than bands signed to early Stiff, but this isn’t meant as a criticism, more a comparison of sound. It is always difficult for an old Punk fan to consider anything past the very early 1980’s as being true to hardcore Punk for the genre split after that time and morphed into something else entirely.

The World In Extremis is a fine example of Octopus Crime’s ability to write and perform good rock songs, the band already have a strong Cornish following which will grow even further once Covid releases the shackles on gigs and festivals.

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Sheila Vanloo

January 2021

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