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Christmas Surprise Cheered Up A Dismal Year

Wouldn’t You Like To Know? E.P

The Rezner

Riding high on a frantic three year wave of gigs and festivals, Indie young bloods The Rezner’s hopes for 2020 crashed on the Covid rocks along with the rest of the performance industry. A diary crammed with bookings was quickly consigned to the recycling while the boys took time to recover from the news that staying at home was in and gigging was definitely out. Isolation from your mates is difficult for any youngsters to deal with, but when you live for your music and your fans the enforced solitude must take a toll.

Sadly, some bands collapsed under the strain and threw in the towel, thankfully these losses have been few and The Rezner are not among the casualties. Following some wound licking and thinking time, the boys rediscovered their creative flow and have a string of new material ready to fill a new album as soon as they are allowed in the studio. I’m reliably informed that there is a cracking single due to drop in the Spring, but everything is at Rezner HQ for restrictions to be relaxed allowing the boys to lay down the new material.

While we wait patiently for highly anticipated new material, the boys released a terrific 6 track E.P. in December - ‘Wouldn’t You Like To Know’ contains remixes of four of their best loved singles plus a couple of previously unreleased live favourites, ‘The Snooze Delight’ and ‘Reasons Out Of 10’. Demand for copies very quickly led to a sell out and is sure to have lifted the boys’ spirits at the end of a dismal 2020.

Early doors highlight on the 2021 horizon and recorded before the current lock down, The Rezner’s session for OBTV is due to screen simultaneously on You Tube and Facebook on Sunday 14th February. Find out more and subscribe to the Old Bakery - www.youtube.com/channel/UC47q3bZPTx9c8ywZRXETc9g


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Sheila Vanloo

January 2021

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