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Childhood Memories, Sex Pests and the Island of Dreams

The Queen’s Speech

Presented by Finding The Will and Tortive Theatre

Performed by Jules Hobbs

The Queen’s Speech is another terrific take on a main Shakespearean character with Queen Miranda of Naples divulging the secrets of a life of ups and downs.

Jules Hobbs has a fabulous way of drawing the audience in, persuading us that we are sharing a quiet cuppa with a friend and trading gossip.

Thirty five years after leaving her beloved island home with her father Prospero, Miranda is no longer in love with King Ferdinand – the arranged marriage was never idyllic as Ferdinand couldn’t match the impressive attributes of Caliban, the monstrous slave responsible for Miranda’s early sexual awakenings. Not only enduring a dull and pathetic husband, Miranda suffered years of predatory harassment from her father in law King Alonso.

Happily for Miranda there has been a coup and she finds herself locked alone in the Palace, enjoying both the solitude and the absence of both her husband and his randy uncle. Miranda is tired of corrupt politicians, bankers and newspaper moguls and is finally plotting her escape from house arrest by tricking her not very bright jailer into aiding and abetting her.

Miranda’s sights are set on returning to her island, now home to an upmarket holiday destination owned by slave turned property magnate Caliban.

Does Miranda escape to a happy ending? Does she deliver a triumphant speech to her former subjects? Does she sever all ties with her royal duties? We are sworn to secrecy, but we meet a mixed bag of characters as Miranda tries to make a run for it.

Jules’ portrayal of Miranda is both imperious and warm as she dishes the dirt on life at court, immediately engaging her audience and bringing us onside with her plans for escape. Jules proves her vocal dexterity with a range of characters, most notably the hilarious Entertainments Manager Trinculo who is tasked with getting Miranda out, we also meet a dreadful newspaper reporter who conjures up visions of the 1980’s Spitting Image pig puppets.

Entertaining, clever and fun The Queen’s Speech is the last Bard Head performance in this series from Jules Hobbs and she will be missed from our Thursday evening online viewing.

Happy As Larry is the final Bard Head this Thursday 18th February when Richard Curnow gives us the story on why Friar Lawrence is questioning his faith following the deaths of Romeo and Juliet.

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Sheila Vanloo

February 2021

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