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Camper Vans, Camping and the Demise of Doilies

Kerry Godliman

Support – Peter Rethinasamy

St. Austell Arts Theatre

Photo Ray Burminston

Nothing really lifts the spirits like an evening of quality stand up comedy, it might not cure Covid, but a good laugh certainly kicks the arse out of our pandemic blues.

Unsurprisingly, St. Austell Arts Theatre was packed out when it hosted one of our favourite comedians in the shape of the wonderful Kerry Godliman. Kerry graces the telly box on a variety of popular panel shows; she is ‘the dead wife’ in Afterlife, played Hannah on Derek and has ‘given birth’ on Ask the Midwife. Multi talented Kerry is a fabulous actor who brings something special to everything she appears in and her stand up comedy is sheer perfection. Despite a phenomenal career this fabulously talented woman remains down to earth; her comic material is that of the girl next door who deals with the same trials and tribulations as the rest of us. Kerry was born bosh, is passionate about getting shit done, burns on a short fuse and has a love/hate relationship with her family, her pets and her friends. She loves them really, but they’re just not bosh enough to keep up with her for Kerry is a woman who loves a bloody good ‘to do’ list and takes no prisoners.

The many topics Kerry shared thoughts on included enjoying lockdown in her dressing gown, tacky ornaments, the demise of doilies, creepy kitsch cats with massive eyes, collecting thimbles, being in the Brownies, camping holidays and the dubious joys of owning a campervan.

Kerry Godliman is a national treasure; anyone who can relate so closely with an audience and have them laughing hard for an entire set has superlative bosh powers.

Peter Rethinasamy was an unknown quantity when he walked onto the stage ahead of Kerry Godliman; a stand up comedian for less than two years he soon had the Cornish audience in the palm of his hand. Peter’s hilarious anecdotes of a Belfast childhood born to a Malaysian father and an Irish mother came thick and fast; he has a wonderful knack of painting pictures with words and the vision of his 8 year old self being sent out to play in a sari on a rough Belfast estate was priceless. Racism, terrorism, Covid vaccinations, beards, family and a girlfriend obsessed with online ancestry searches were all covered in Peter’s set. Remember the name - Peter Rethinasamy is incredibly funny and is rapidly heading towards becoming a household name.

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Sheila Vanloo

October 2021

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