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Alcoholism, Declarations of Love and a Mid Life Crisis

The Dust Behind The Door

Presented by Finding The Will

Jules Hobbs

The latest Bard Heads live stream takes a wry look at the tangled web involving various characters from A Midsummer Night’s Dream as Hermia shares intimacies and secrets 25 years on from that night in the woods.

Beautifully written and performed by Jules Hobbs we discover that Hermia’s life is not a bed of roses, although happily (?) married to Lysander, Hermia is chief carer for her elderly father who spends his days watching fairies in the garden. Best friend Helena has hit the Ouzo having not found the contentment she sought with husband Demetrius. Hermia begins to question her own marriage to kind and solid Lysander following Demetrius' shock declaration of undying love for her.

Jules allows the audience a wonderful familiarity with Hermia, we are privy to the latest Athens’ gossip along with Hermia’s own confused thoughts and feelings. How should she respond to Demetrius' unexpected declaration? What can she do to wean Helena off her addiction to alcohol? Is her father really seeing fairies in the garden every day? How can she spice up her marriage during a mid life crisis?

This one hour monologue is like a Greek version of Soap as our heroine tries to make sense of events.Setting the scene in Hermia’s kitchen adds to the intimacy as we share her trials and tribulations over a cuppa.

Jules Hobbs is simply captivating in this stand alone piece.

If you missed the live screening, The Dust Behind The Door is available for replay online here - www.crowdcast.io/e/the-dust-behind-the-door

Find out more about future live streamings hosted by Into Bodmin - www.intobodmin.co.uk/box-office

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September 2020

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