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A Touch of Joe Strummer From Geordie Young Guns

Slaving Away


Newcastle’s unsigned young guns Crux dropped their second single this week, Slaving Away takes a swipe at the rich ruling class who continue to make their money from the sweat of the working class.

Very much an Indie tune laden 12 bar blues number, the lyrics could have come straight from a Punk band living under the Thatcher regime. So, as an Indie/Punk crossover Crux are right up my musical street.

Slaving Away came off the back of lead vocalist Max Houghton’s very brief spell on the factory floor; leaving school he found himself working 75 hours in the first week resulting in hands that bled and blistered. His experience stayed with him and led to the lyrics of Slaving Away – ‘I am a cog’ ‘I am a lap dog’, many will relate to those sentiments.

The 4 piece Geordie band have a big following on Tyneside and their first single, Bigg Market, became a You Tube success with almost 25,000 views. Pre Covid the boys played the O2 Academy and various festivals while maintaining a busy diary of local gigs in their home town. Lock down halted their live gigs, but the boys kept busy by rehearsing via online meetings and constantly writing – Slaving Away is the result of them slaving away, not for the big boss man, but for themselves and their fans.

Crux are clearly influenced by Muse, Dire Straits and the Chili Peppers while creating their own style of political Indie/Punk. Whether Crux realise it or not, there is a touch of Joe Strummer to Slaving Away and that can only be a good thing.

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