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A Soaring Soundscape

Labrynth A Blaze of Feather

The accidental shrouds of mystery surrounding A Blaze of Feather have finally lifted to confirm Cornish creative musician Mickey Smith as founder and beating heart.

Mickey has toured in various bands throughout his career, most famously with Ben Howard who, along with other members of Ben’s band, popped up on the first self titled Blaze album, thus setting the mystery of ‘who?’ in motion. Ben and the rest of the band have also stepped up to offer support Mickey’s creative vision for the latest album release Labrynth. Covid rules were respected with each musician sending electronic input to Mickey’s isolation HQ.

Labrynth is a vast soundscape inspired by Mickey’s solo incarceration in his shed in rural Cornwall. Labrynth has moved slightly away from the trance like psychedelia of its predecessor, but Mickey’s passion for melody and lyrics shines through as the core of his work. Labrynth fills your ears with sound and vision encapsulating the much loved wild moors and windswept cliffs Mickey calls home.

Labrynth gives a nod to Bjork’s fearless approach to her creativity, although this album has a much darker feel than the Icelandic Queen’s pop orientated offerings, Labrynth resonates as musical art in much the same way. Labrynth is built around the bleaker side of Cornwall with the high levels of desperation and poor mental health, poverty and suicide, a direct contrast to the popular chocolate box idyll portrayed in glossy magazines. That said, Labrynth is not a meandering of misery, but an inspirational album, a soaring, magnificent crescendo of sound and one which Blaze of Feather can be proud of. Magpie, streaming now, is the first single release from the album and gives a superb flavour of what to expect from Labrynth when the album drops on 14th August.

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Sheila Vanloo

August 2020

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