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A Saucy Romp Through 2000 Years


Ha – Hum - Ah Theatre and Minack Theatre Co-Production

With ominous threats of a second lock down left firmly at home, there was an overwhelming sense of having escaped from reality as we sat on the cliffs at Porthcurnow in blazing October sunshine. The usual pre show buzz was heightened as this was, for many audience members, their first visit to a theatre in months.

Having been established just two years ago the North Cornwall based Ha – Hum – Ah are still a relatively new company on the local scene; their fabulous Christmas shows of 2018 and 2019 were warmly received and garnered a strong fan base. The Minack team have a history of working alongside local companies with an annual programme delivering a happy mix of both Cornish companies and household names; Covid doesn’t have much in the way of a positive note, but it has opened the door to a wider selection of local creatives working with the world famous Minack.

Moira Buffini’s story opens in AD79 and is a series of witty, sexy vignettes through 2000 years as we explore different eras and attitudes towards love, lust and money. There is also a strong sense of place with the stories unfolding on the same plot of London throughout; the horror of rape at the start of the tale echoes within the imaginary walls as the years unfold and the site evolves from Roman latrines to present day modernity.

Loveplay is a very funny, sometimes brutal, often moving and constantly entertaining look at love from a variety of perspectives. The terrific cast of four don’t miss a beat as they confidently charge through 90 minutes of fast paced character, costume and set changes.

Brilliantly directed by Ben Kernow, Loveplay is simply superb.

Loveplay runs at the Minack until 23rd October, for tickets visit - www.minack.com

To find out more about Ha-Hum-Ah and the cast and creatives of Loveplay visit


Nothing beats live theatre in Cornwall.

Sheila Vanloo

October 2020

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