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A Long Hiatus Produces an EP of Sweet Surprises

The Next Thousand Years

Samuel Howard

Sam Howard has taken a while to follow up on his 2015 album ‘Out of the Shadows’ – six years to be precise. During the long hiatus from the studio Sam has discovered the delights of fatherhood whilst battling with the demons of depression. Sam has never made a secret of his ongoing fights with the black dog and his fearless, heart on his sleeve honesty runs through each track on The Next Thousand Years.

The power of the internet reconnected Sam with an old school friend, Raffy Bushman, who turned out to be an accomplished jazz pianist and regular at Ronnie Scott’s. The result of rediscovering their old friendship is the first track on the E.P. ‘Head Over Heels’, a stunningly beautiful song reliving the moment Sam first met (and fell in love with) his long term partner Sarah. The track was recorded at John Cornfield’s studio, with Raffy’s beautiful piano accompaniment laid down on the second take and Sam’s heartfelt vocals recorded straight over the top.

Kezia features on the E.P’s title track with her ethereal voice sitting perfectly alongside Sam’s haunting vocals. All power to Sam for persuading Kezia back into the recording studio, our much missed Cornish songbird has taken a long break from both live performance and studio recordings, fingers crossed she will be tempted back for more.

‘A Fathers Worry’ speaks for itself, written shortly after the birth of his adored baby girl the song will resonate with all parents, but especially with Dads who suddenly find themselves with a new daughter in their arms.

‘You And I’ is not a love song to his partner or daughter, but homage to Sam’s guitar which was left in the dark for many months as Sam discovered that making a home for a brand new family was time consuming and took his focus away from his beloved music.

The final track ‘Came And Went’ was written and recorded long before Sam’s first album at a time when his head was in chaos and his demons were relentless. The song is like an open wound that refuses to allow his mind to rest and heal, but Sam was determined to revisit the song and include it here as a fitting end to this part of his travels through life.

The Next Thousand Years has been a long time coming, but it was worth the wait. This is Sam Howard at his very best, both musically and lyrically, as he takes us on a moving and beautiful personal journey. Sam has bared his soul and delivers sweet surprises on every track. Is this a sign of what to expect from the album Sam is currently writing? He’s giving nothing away, except a hint of excitement for the finished product.

The Next Thousand Years EP is Produced by Samuel Howard & Beren Matthews, Mixed by Beren Matthews & John Cornfield and is available digitally or on limited edition CD at -


Follow Samuel Howard - Facebook.com/samuelhowardmusic Instagram.com/samuelhowardmusic

Music video for The Next Thousand Years is released on 3/9/21

View from Sam’s Facebook page with a link to his YouTube channel

Sam’s next live appearances -

Saturday 28th August - Great Estate Festival 2pm Cornish Orchards Stage

Saturday 18th September- Rattlerfest

Sheila Vanloo

August 2021

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