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A Lock Down Love Story on Film

The Neon Shadow – A New Short Film

Tom Jackson Greaves in Association with Kneehigh

Working closely with Kneehigh, Tom Jackson Greaves has created a mini masterpiece exploring the reality of enforced isolation. Covid lock down has been difficult for everyone; being ordered to stay indoors for months is unnatural and has affected us in many different ways. For those living alone solitary confinement has been very tough, The Neon Shadow explores the impact of lock down on a lonely man.

Loosely based on a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, the film is a contemporary love story and dives into the darkest depths of isolation using expressive dance and technology. An isolated man falls deeply in love with a face at a window across the street, unable to reach out physically he resorts to internet messaging. Does the distant love exist or is he just a cruel shadow? Is our isolated man going insane? Hallucinating? Words and messages fly off the screen as our besotted hero descends into madness, will this solitary life change or is he destined to a life of loneliness?

Tom directed and choreographed this beautifully dramatic piece and plays the role of the isolated character while his unreachable love across the street is played by Edwin Ray. The wonderful Annamaria Murphy brings her magical word skills to the piece while Dom Coyote injects a fabulous soundscape of music and vocals.

The Neon Shadow has all the ingredients of a great modern day fairy tale, a treat for the eyes and ears, a clever story with a bitter twist. Compelling performances by Tom Jackson Greaves and Edwin Ray keep viewers glued to the screen as we follow their lock down love.

Originally intended for the Kneehigh stage, The Neon Shadow works perfectly on film, but a live performance when theatres are free of restrictions is eagerly awaited.

Follow the link below to watch The Neon Shadow and find out more about the talented creatives who collaborated on this extraordinary film -


Sheila Vanloo

August 2020

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