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A Double A Sided Dose Of Pleasure

Beat of That Drum / Apple Gaze (Released February 2021)

Perfect Blue Sky

Perfect Blue Sky’s sound can best be described as early psych/prog rock with a liberal sprinkling of 90’s grunge; the glam rock duo wouldn’t look out of place on the cover of a Tangerine Dream album. The couple are from diverse backgrounds, with metal guitarist PNA Andersson hailing from Sweden while partner and alt rock singer Jane Kitto was raised on an Australian farm. Whatever their backgrounds, the Universe brought them together to create fabulous music.

Perfect Blue Sky’s most recent release is a double A sided dose of pleasure, Beat Of That Drum is carried along by melodic guitar and beautiful vocals questioning the meaning of success and if anyone really needs it. The flipside, Apple Gaze, is pure 60’s psychedelia with heartbreaking lyrics as a daughter pours her heart out to her Dad on the other side of the world. Jane takes the lead vocals on this very personal tribute to her own Dad, a man who is locked in a different time with his memories.

On the face of it both songs could be depressing, with Beat Of That Drum asking if success is worth it and Apple Gaze reflecting on the sensitive subject of memory loss, but both songs are so beautifully crafted that the listener is simply carried away on a cloud of uplifting sound. Two stunning videos accompany the songs, one filmed on a cold and blustery day in Newquay while the other is a glorious technicolour trip back in time.

Both tracks were mastered by the master himself John Cornfield.

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Sheila Vanloo

March 2021

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