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A Dish Best Served Cold

The Whirligig of Time – Malvolio Wants Revenge!

Presented by Finding The Will

Richard Curnow

With small venues unable to present financially viable live productions, we must be thankful for the internet and live streamings; Into Bodmin are currently hosting a series of live productions under a ‘Pay what you can afford’ scheme.

Acclaimed actor Richard Curnow devised The Whirligig of Time around Malvolio’s crushing and public humiliation in Twelfth Night. Richard considered how Lady Olivia’s devastated chief steward would have carried out his promised revenge on the perpetrators of his embarrassment.

Richard’s clever and witty script allows Malvolio, released from his bleak cell, to gleefully wreak havoc on his sadistic bullies.

The script rattles along as Richard delivers a superb performance, morphing between each character with no props or fancy costumes, just facial expressions and vocal impersonations. Malvolio’s joy as he unleashes his revenge is palpable and we are carried along with his cunning plans as he knocks each one off their perch.

If you have enjoyed Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads you will be highly entertained by 50 minutes spent in the company of Malvolio, I found myself laughing loudly and cheering the beleaguered servant on as his plans came to fruition.

If you missed the live screening, The Whirligig of Time is available for replay online here - www.crowdcast.io/e/the-whirligig-of-time/register

Book your place now for the next live streaming hosted by Into Bodmin on Thursday September 24th - another terrific production from Finding The Will with Jules Hobbs starring as Hermia in The Dust Behind The Door: www.intobodmin.co.uk/box-office

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September 2020

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