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A Dish Best Served Cold

The Whirligig of Time – Malvolio Wants Revenge!

Presented by Tortive Theatre and Finding The Will

Richard Curnow

Richard Curnow once again took the ‘stage’ in the fourth of six online collaborations between Tortive Theatre and Finding The Will. This week Malvolio revealed the sad and sorry tale stemming from his crushing and public humiliation at the hands of the callous and spiteful Sir Toby and Maria.

Malvolio, spurred on by Maria’s cruelly forged letter to him, mentally elevates himself from Chief Steward to the dizzy heights of husband to his beloved Lady Olivia. The poor, deluded servant only realises his terrible mistake after prancing about in those ridiculous yellow stockings and becoming the Court laughing stock. Fighting to maintain his sanity in the face of painful and very public embarrassment, Malvolio sets out to take delicious revenge on the perpetrators.

The script rattles along as Richard delivers a superb performance, morphing between each character with no props or fancy costumes, just facial expressions and vocal impersonations. Malvolio’s joy as he unleashes his revenge is palpable and it is impossible not to cheer the beleaguered servant along in his quest.

There are two more Bard Heads in the series, book your tickets now for Jules Hobbs with The Queen’s Speech on Thursday 11th February and Richard Curnow’s Happy As Larry on Thursday 18th February.


Discover more about Finding The Will: www.findingthewill.com

Sheila Vanloo

February 2021

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